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Tata Nexon Compact SUV launched on Thursday (21-09-2017), starting price of the model is Rs 5.85/- lakh for the base petrol variant and it goes up to Rs 9.45/- lakh, with various colors and models.

Tata Nexon would be available in petrol & diesel engine (1.2-litre turbo and 1.5-litre diesel engines), there are various colors and models would also be available. Projector headlamps with LED daytime running lamps, 16-inch alloy wheels, dual-tone colour schemes and LED tail-lamps.

India’s Five Star Rated Car – Tata Nexon becomes India’s first Five star rated car. The compact SUV Tata Nexon has become the Ist made-in-India, sold-in-India car to achieve Global NCAP’s coveted five-star crash test rating. Car scored 5-stars for Adult & 3-stars for child occupant protection.

Particulars Cost
Price Rs. 5.85 lakh – Rs. 09.45 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)
Engine 1198 CC / 1497 CC
Engine Type Petrol / Diesel
Estimated Down Payment 15% – 20%

Note– Ex-showroom price, RTO, insurance costs vary from location to location.

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Tata Nexon Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Engine Type 1.2 Petrol – 1198 cc / 1.5 Diesel – 1497 cc
Car Type Subcompact SUV
Variants XE | XM | XT and XZ+
Colour Schemes Dual-tone
Airbags Dual front airbags
Colors White | Silver | Grey | Blue | Grey
Mileage 17.6
No. of Seats 5
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Yes
Display 6.5-inch HD touchscreen display
Audio System Harman sourced infotainment system with voice recognition
No Of Gears 6 Speed
Steering Power
Headlamps Projector headlamps
Lights Daytime Running Lights
Taillamp LED tail-lamps.
Wheels 16-inch alloy
Ground Clearance 209 mm
Key Type smart key with push-button start (wearable wrist band)
No. of Cylinder 3-cylinder / 4-cylinder
Power 108.5bhp @ 5000
Fuel Tank 44 Liters
Tyres Tubeless Radial Tyres
Boot Space 350-litres
Kerb weight 1237-1305kg

Tata Nexon EMI Calculator

Loan Amount     Rs.
Interest Rate % Per Annum
Loan Tenure Years
Installment Date
Loan Amount Rs. 5,00,000
Monthly Instalment (EMI) Rs. 10,550
Total Interest Amount Rs. 1,32,992
Total Amount (Principal + Interest) Rs. 6,32,992
Installment NoInstallment DateOpening BalanceEMIInterestPrincipal
201704/2017 To 12/2017Rs. 5,00,000Rs. 94,950Rs. 34,446Rs. 60,504
201801/2018 To 12/2018Rs. 4,39,496Rs. 1,26,600Rs. 38,797Rs. 87,803
Jan01/2017Rs. 4,39,496Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,553Rs. 6,997
Feb02/2017Rs. 4,32,499Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,496Rs. 7,054
Mar03/2017Rs. 4,25,445Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,439Rs. 7,111
Apr04/2017Rs. 4,18,334Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,382Rs. 7,168
May05/2017Rs. 4,11,166Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,324Rs. 7,226
Jun06/2017Rs. 4,03,940Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,265Rs. 7,285
Jul07/2017Rs. 3,96,655Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,206Rs. 7,344
Aug08/2017Rs. 3,89,311Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,147Rs. 7,403
Sep09/2017Rs. 3,81,908Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,087Rs. 7,463
Oct10/2017Rs. 3,74,445Rs. 10,550Rs. 3,027Rs. 7,523
Nov11/2017Rs. 3,66,922Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,966Rs. 7,584
Dec12/2017Rs. 3,59,338Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,905Rs. 7,645
201901/2019 To 12/2019Rs. 3,51,693Rs. 1,26,600Rs. 29,890Rs. 96,710
Jan01/2017Rs. 3,51,693Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,843Rs. 7,707
Feb02/2017Rs. 3,43,986Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,781Rs. 7,769
Mar03/2017Rs. 3,36,217Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,718Rs. 7,832
Apr04/2017Rs. 3,28,385Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,654Rs. 7,896
May05/2017Rs. 3,20,489Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,591Rs. 7,959
Jun06/2017Rs. 3,12,530Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,526Rs. 8,024
Jul07/2017Rs. 3,04,506Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,461Rs. 8,089
Aug08/2017Rs. 2,96,417Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,396Rs. 8,154
Sep09/2017Rs. 2,88,263Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,330Rs. 8,220
Oct10/2017Rs. 2,80,043Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,264Rs. 8,286
Nov11/2017Rs. 2,71,757Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,197Rs. 8,353
Dec12/2017Rs. 2,63,404Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,129Rs. 8,421
202001/2020 To 12/2020Rs. 2,54,983Rs. 1,26,600Rs. 20,078Rs. 1,06,522
Jan01/2017Rs. 2,54,983Rs. 10,550Rs. 2,061Rs. 8,489
Feb02/2017Rs. 2,46,494Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,992Rs. 8,558
Mar03/2017Rs. 2,37,936Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,923Rs. 8,627
Apr04/2017Rs. 2,29,309Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,854Rs. 8,696
May05/2017Rs. 2,20,613Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,783Rs. 8,767
Jun06/2017Rs. 2,11,846Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,712Rs. 8,838
Jul07/2017Rs. 2,03,008Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,641Rs. 8,909
Aug08/2017Rs. 1,94,099Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,569Rs. 8,981
Sep09/2017Rs. 1,85,118Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,496Rs. 9,054
Oct10/2017Rs. 1,76,064Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,423Rs. 9,127
Nov11/2017Rs. 1,66,937Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,349Rs. 9,201
Dec12/2017Rs. 1,57,736Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,275Rs. 9,275
202101/2021 To 12/2021Rs. 1,48,461Rs. 1,26,600Rs. 9,273Rs. 1,17,327
Jan01/2017Rs. 1,48,461Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,200Rs. 9,350
Feb02/2017Rs. 1,39,111Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,124Rs. 9,426
Mar03/2017Rs. 1,29,685Rs. 10,550Rs. 1,048Rs. 9,502
Apr04/2017Rs. 1,20,183Rs. 10,550Rs. 971Rs. 9,579
May05/2017Rs. 1,10,604Rs. 10,550Rs. 894Rs. 9,656
Jun06/2017Rs. 1,00,948Rs. 10,550Rs. 816Rs. 9,734
Jul07/2017Rs. 91,214Rs. 10,550Rs. 737Rs. 9,813
Aug08/2017Rs. 81,401Rs. 10,550Rs. 658Rs. 9,892
Sep09/2017Rs. 71,509Rs. 10,550Rs. 578Rs. 9,972
Oct10/2017Rs. 61,537Rs. 10,550Rs. 497Rs. 10,053
Nov11/2017Rs. 51,484Rs. 10,550Rs. 416Rs. 10,134
Dec12/2017Rs. 41,350Rs. 10,550Rs. 334Rs. 10,216
202201/2022 To 03/2022Rs. 31,134Rs. 31,650Rs. 505Rs. 31,145
Jan01/2017Rs. 31,134Rs. 10,550Rs. 252Rs. 10,298
Feb02/2017Rs. 20,836Rs. 10,550Rs. 168Rs. 10,382
Mar03/2017Rs. 10,454Rs. 10,550Rs. 85Rs. 10,465
Total:Rs. 6,33,000Rs. 1,32,989Rs. 5,00,011
Loan Amount Tenure in Months 8.75% 9.00% 9.25%
5 Lakh 36 Rs. 15842 Rs. 15900 Rs. 15958
5.5 Lakh 60 Rs. 11350 Rs. 11414 Rs. 11484
6 Lakh 48 Rs. 14860 Rs. 14931 Rs. 15002
6.5 Lakh 30 Rs. 24201 Rs. 24276 Rs. 24315
7 Lakh 48 Rs. 17337 Rs. 17420 Rs. 17530
7.5 Lakh 36 Rs. 223763 Rs. 23850 Rs. 23937
8 Lakh 36 Rs. 25347 Rs. 25440 Rs. 25533
8.5 Lakh 60 Rs. 17542 Rs. 17645 Rs. 17748
9 Lakh 30 Rs. 33510 Rs. 33613 Rs. 33717

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