Important Instructions while filing the Property Tax Online – Delhi

Provisions related to property tax, i.e., relevent extract of DMC act, 1957 and DMC (property taxes) bye laws, 2004 and general information containing tax rates are available on the website.

Special attention is drawn to section 152A of the Act providing for prosecution for willful furnishing of wrong information.

For better working of this Property Tax System, the taxpayers are requested to co operate with their self discipline and good intentions. A taxpayer is expected to quote the property ID in returns and in correspondence.

All the taxpayers are advised to quote the property ID allotted by the system, while filing the PTR either online or manually. all the cases for which property tax return were filled manually for financial year 2009-10 have been allotted ID which can be searched on the system. Such taxpayers are expected to quote that ID in their future manual or online returns.

The tax payers whi have been filling their returns online are expected to remember the last property ID allotted to the property and use the same ID to file the return for subsequent years. In case they do not remember, they can search ID on the system.