HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates March 2019, EMI Eligibility Calculator

HDFC Personal Loan Online – Get Instant Quotes on Latest / Current Interest Rates. Documents, EMI per Month, Loan Amount, Processing Fees, Pre-Payment charges, Process, Customer Care numbers online.

HDFC Bank personal loans can help meet all your financial needs effectively. With simplified documentation and speedy approvals, availing personal loans couldn’t get easier. You can check your Personal Loan eligibility Online or visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Personal Loan – Quick, Easy & Instant Online Approval

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Yearly Income
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Features of HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Lowest & Best personal loan interest rates
Special offers on interest rates and charges for HDFC Bank account holders
Check Personal loan eligibility in 1 minute available online and across all branches
Special personal loan offers* for women employees

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Are you eligible to apply for a personal loan? See our 1 minute Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator.

How to Check Status of HDFC Personal Loan Application

view the status of your Personal Loan application.

Now stay updated with the current status of your loan. Simply enter the required details and keep track of it at any stage.

Note: This feature is available for Personal Loans, Business Loans, New Car Loans, Used Car Loans, Car-n-Cash Loans, Commercial / Construction Equipment Loans, Two Wheeler Loans and Loan Against Property
Kindly enter the details as provided in the Loan Application Form.

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Personal loans from HDFC Bank are quick, competitive and transparent. HDFC offers customizable personal loans as per borrowers need. HDFC bank offers seamless loan sanction and disbursal procedure ensures that availing a personal loan is a hassle-free experience.

Eligibility Criteria – Have had a job for at least 2 years, and a minimum of 1 year with your current employer. Be earning at least Rs. 12,000/- per month net income (Rs. 15,000/- in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Cochin)

Point to point detail about HDFC Bank Personal loan

Interest Rates 10.99% – 19.50%
Minimum Age 21 Years
Maximum Loan Amount 25 Lakh
Minimum Loan Amount 50000
Repayment 5 Years
Processing Fees Up to 2.50% of the loan amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 1,000/- & Maximum of Rs. 25000/- for Salaried Customers.
Pre Payment charges Zero – 4.00% of Principal Outstanding

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HDFC Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Borrowers can use this calculator for calculation of loan emi’s online within seconds. Just insert required loan amount, Interest rate & no. of period for repayment.

Loan Amount     Rs.
Interest Rate % Per Annum
Loan Tenure Years
Installment Date
Loan Amount Rs. 2,00,000
Monthly Instalment (EMI) Rs. 5,516
Total Interest Amount Rs. 64,748
Total Amount (Principal + Interest) Rs. 2,64,748
Installment NoInstallment DateOpening BalanceEMIInterestPrincipal
201704/2017 To 12/2017Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 49,644Rs. 20,363Rs. 29,281
Apr04/2017Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,417Rs. 3,099
May05/2017Rs. 1,96,901Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,379Rs. 3,137
Jun06/2017Rs. 1,93,764Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,341Rs. 3,175
Jul07/2017Rs. 1,90,589Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,303Rs. 3,213
Aug08/2017Rs. 1,87,376Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,264Rs. 3,252
Sep09/2017Rs. 1,84,124Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,225Rs. 3,291
Oct10/2017Rs. 1,80,833Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,185Rs. 3,331
Nov11/2017Rs. 1,77,502Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,145Rs. 3,371
Dec12/2017Rs. 1,74,131Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,104Rs. 3,412
201801/2018 To 12/2018Rs. 1,70,719Rs. 66,192Rs. 21,887Rs. 44,305
Jan01/2017Rs. 1,70,719Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,063Rs. 3,453
Feb02/2017Rs. 1,67,266Rs. 5,516Rs. 2,021Rs. 3,495
Mar03/2017Rs. 1,63,771Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,979Rs. 3,537
Apr04/2017Rs. 1,60,234Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,936Rs. 3,580
May05/2017Rs. 1,56,654Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,893Rs. 3,623
Jun06/2017Rs. 1,53,031Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,849Rs. 3,667
Jul07/2017Rs. 1,49,364Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,805Rs. 3,711
Aug08/2017Rs. 1,45,653Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,760Rs. 3,756
Sep09/2017Rs. 1,41,897Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,715Rs. 3,801
Oct10/2017Rs. 1,38,096Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,669Rs. 3,847
Nov11/2017Rs. 1,34,249Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,622Rs. 3,894
Dec12/2017Rs. 1,30,355Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,575Rs. 3,941
201901/2019 To 12/2019Rs. 1,26,414Rs. 66,192Rs. 15,017Rs. 51,175
Jan01/2017Rs. 1,26,414Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,528Rs. 3,988
Feb02/2017Rs. 1,22,426Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,479Rs. 4,037
Mar03/2017Rs. 1,18,389Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,431Rs. 4,085
Apr04/2017Rs. 1,14,304Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,381Rs. 4,135
May05/2017Rs. 1,10,169Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,331Rs. 4,185
Jun06/2017Rs. 1,05,984Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,281Rs. 4,235
Jul07/2017Rs. 1,01,749Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,229Rs. 4,287
Aug08/2017Rs. 97,462Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,178Rs. 4,338
Sep09/2017Rs. 93,124Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,125Rs. 4,391
Oct10/2017Rs. 88,733Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,072Rs. 4,444
Nov11/2017Rs. 84,289Rs. 5,516Rs. 1,018Rs. 4,498
Dec12/2017Rs. 79,791Rs. 5,516Rs. 964Rs. 4,552
202001/2020 To 12/2020Rs. 75,239Rs. 66,192Rs. 7,081Rs. 59,111
Jan01/2017Rs. 75,239Rs. 5,516Rs. 909Rs. 4,607
Feb02/2017Rs. 70,632Rs. 5,516Rs. 853Rs. 4,663
Mar03/2017Rs. 65,969Rs. 5,516Rs. 797Rs. 4,719
Apr04/2017Rs. 61,250Rs. 5,516Rs. 740Rs. 4,776
May05/2017Rs. 56,474Rs. 5,516Rs. 682Rs. 4,834
Jun06/2017Rs. 51,640Rs. 5,516Rs. 624Rs. 4,892
Jul07/2017Rs. 46,748Rs. 5,516Rs. 565Rs. 4,951
Aug08/2017Rs. 41,797Rs. 5,516Rs. 505Rs. 5,011
Sep09/2017Rs. 36,786Rs. 5,516Rs. 444Rs. 5,072
Oct10/2017Rs. 31,714Rs. 5,516Rs. 383Rs. 5,133
Nov11/2017Rs. 26,581Rs. 5,516Rs. 321Rs. 5,195
Dec12/2017Rs. 21,386Rs. 5,516Rs. 258Rs. 5,258
202101/2021 To 03/2021Rs. 16,128Rs. 16,548Rs. 392Rs. 16,156
Jan01/2017Rs. 16,128Rs. 5,516Rs. 195Rs. 5,321
Feb02/2017Rs. 10,807Rs. 5,516Rs. 131Rs. 5,385
Mar03/2017Rs. 5,422Rs. 5,516Rs. 66Rs. 5,450
Total:Rs. 2,64,768Rs. 64,740Rs. 2,00,028

Documents to be submitted for apply HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Proof of identity: Copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license
Proof of address: Copy of ration card/telephone or electricity bill/rental agreement/passport
Last 3 months bank statement/6 months bank passbook
Latest salary slip/ current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16

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