Dhanlaxmi Bank Loan Against Property Interest Rates April 2019

Dhanlaxmi Bank Loan Against Property – Instant quotes on Interest Rates, Documents, Processing Fees, EMI & Eligibility Online. Know percentage of loan based on property.

Dhanlaxmi Loan Against Property
Get multi-purpose loan amount from Dhanlaxmi Bank against the property in the name of the borrower to meet your personal needs. Enjoy the facility of maximum loan amount against your residential / commercial property along with attractive interest rates and door to door services.

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Interest Rates

12.13% per annum(special offers by dhanlaxmi bank)

Processing Fees

1.50% of the loan amount is charged as processing fee along with service tax which is subjected to a minimum amount of Rs 10,000

Late Payment Charges

3% is charged per month if there is a irregularity in repaying the loan installment.

Foreclosure Charges

5% of the loan amount is charged as foreclosure charges + service tax.


  • Only one time processing fees

  • There are no hidden charges

  • No post loan hassle.


  • Salaried individuals

  • Professionals

  • Self-employed

  • Non-salaried Entities

  • Proprietary Concerns

  • Partnership Firms

  • Private Limited Companies

  • Public Limited Companies.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan you can borrow is 65% of the market value of the property.

Repayment period

You can repay the loan amount within a period of 3 years to a maximum of 15 years.

Repayment Option

You can repay your loan amount through Equated Monthly Installments and Electronic Clearing System


Equitable mortgage of unencumbered residential property or commercial proerty in the name of the borrower.

Documents Required

  • Identity Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Proof of Employment or Membership card of respective professional body.

  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement.

  • Latest salary slip.

  • One Bank Cheque Leaf.

  • ECS mandate authorizing the bank to receive the monthly installment

  • For self-employed professional person 3 years IT return.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Loan against Property EMI Calculator

Here’s Example, If borrower can take a 10 lakh of loan amount @ 12.13% rate of interest for 15 years tenure period so below are the calculations…

Calculated Monthly EMI = 12085.44
Total Amount with Interest = 2175379.2

Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs. 25,086 Rs. 119,934 Rs. 974,914
2 Rs. 28,303 Rs. 116,717 Rs. 946,611
3 Rs. 31,933 Rs. 113,087 Rs. 914,678
4 Rs. 36,030 Rs. 108,990 Rs. 878,648
5 Rs. 40,651 Rs. 104,369 Rs. 837,997
6 Rs. 45,867 Rs. 99,153 Rs. 792,130
7 Rs. 51,749 Rs. 93,271 Rs. 740,381
8 Rs. 58,386 Rs. 86,634 Rs. 681,995
9 Rs. 65,876 Rs. 79,144 Rs. 616,119
10 Rs. 74,325 Rs. 70,695 Rs. 541,794
11 Rs. 83,860 Rs. 61,160 Rs. 457,934
12 Rs. 94,618 Rs. 50,402 Rs. 363,316
13 Rs. 106,755 Rs. 38,265 Rs. 256,561
14 Rs. 120,450 Rs. 24,570 Rs. 136,111
15 Rs. 136,234 Rs. 9,121 Rs. 0
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